A ‘Clean’ Start


I remember, several summers ago, how my itching scalp lead me to read that first eye-opening article about the ill effects of hair dye which I discussed in my debut post. I also remember knowing, after having read that article, that it was my point of no return. I could no longer close Pandora’s box, nor was that what I wished. As is to be expected with any new beginning, there was a mix of both excitement and dread. What did this mean for me? What had I been unwittingly doing to myself? And what was the community like that shared my newfound discoveries? I wanted to understand it all. So, I dove headlong into researching these questions, and the answers made me feel as though I was waking up from a slumber in which I was unaware.

I very quickly found a community and great source of clean living information at nomoredirtylooks.com. The gals on this site cover a plethora of clean living topics. And, if you get the chance, their book of the same name that originated the site is a quick, informing read for anyone interested in these topics. Their site was also where I was introduced to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). When I first started looking at my old products and their list of ingredients, EWG’s SkinDeep Cosmetics Database was a godsend. You can either type in the product name, or, if that particular product is not in their database, look up the questionable ingredients individually and read about their real or potential affect on our bodies.

Remember, our skin is our largest organ, so whatever we are washing it, soaking it, or slathering it in, it is being absorbed. And, whatever is not absorbed is going down the drain to have a potentially devastating affect on our Earth. Everyone enjoys a clean start whether it be a haircut, overhauling a health or beauty regimen, etc. Yet again, as I discovered, most times, we bite off more than we can chew. In doing so, I spent more money than was necessary and ended up causing my skin to breakout and react in a way I had never seen before. I was trying to change everything overnight in a bid to ensure not one toxic thing was going to touch me again. This is, of course, impossible and extreme, and is, in itself, detrimental to healthy living.

My hope is that anyone observing themselves on their own precipice or looking to gain new knowledge on the subject matter finds this information helpful. And, it would be my pleasure for you to share your own stories and insights into your clean start and what can be such an exciting and daunting experience.